Construction works at heights

Construction works at heights that we provide include many different services and are performed in various places.
These are:

  • elevations of residential buildings
  • elevations of private houses
  • elevations of sacral objects
  • elevations of office buildings and public facilities
  • factories, production plants, chimneys, bridges and footbridges
  • concrete silos (in- and outside) as well as other containers.

Contrary to traditional tools such as ladders, scaffoldings and aerial platforms, rope access in construction means saving time and money.

In order to provide services of highest quality we use only professional building materials that are complaint with all the international norms and standards.

As high quality is our main priority we try to use advanced technologies and materials, such as Sika or Caparol, but at our clients’ request we are able to fit the right technology to their individual needs and budget.

Our construction works at heights and in hard-to-access areas cover:

  • plastering (traditional and thin-film)
  • insulating and renovating buildings
  • repairing, reproducing and re-profiling balconies, terraces, railings, cornices and chimneys
  • filling expansion gaps and holes
  • sealing shafts
  • reinforcing constructions
  • filling welds and bricks
  • repairing damages and cracks in reinforced concrete with proper materials
  • sealing and bolting cladding panels
  • maintaining and sealing windows and cladding systems
  • renovating industrial chimneys and chimneys on private houses
  • painting roofs and elevations
  • repairing elevations after fire.

Additionally, we can provide the following services:

  • installing ventilation grilles
  • installing antennas on steep roofs
  • replacing and installing balcony railings
  • replacing glass panes
  • cleaning all types of elevations: plaster, tin, stone, glass
  • preparing photo and video documentation of high objects
  • removing and protecting falling plaster.

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