Intervention works

In the situation of risk the most important thing is to act fast. Rope access is the most effective and safest method of eliminating risks.
When life or health is at risk or when property is damaged we provide intervention works within 24 hours of receiving and accepting the job. In such cases we care about our and bystanders’ safety by fencing and marking the working space properly. The working area is secured by an employee on the ground who makes sure the dangerous zone is empty.

Intervention works include:

  • eliminating risks connected with falling plaster and cornices (e.g. removing plaster) securing bricks after removing plaster
  • removing snow overhangs and icicles
  • clearing snow from flat and steep roofs as well as other hard-to-access areas
  • removing ice from gutters and drainpipes
  • cutting and trimming trees using rope access techniques.

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