Installing constructions at heights

We are able to install and dismantle steel and aluminium constructions at any height and of all types, from high structures on roofs to working platforms on industrial chimneys.
To do so we use various rope access techniques and highly efficient blocks/hoists of different kinds. We have been working in this sector for several years and we cooperate with partner companies that offer cranes working at the height of 70 metres.
We draw from our extensive experience and advanced power tools. Our employees are certified welders and they are trained to use plasma and gas cutters.
With installation works we use technical documentation and we follow instructions from our investors or technical directors.
For simple works we also provide enginering designs.
For steel and aluminium elements we have been cooperating with one production plant for years and we are able to offer attractive discounts both for materials and labour.

Our installation works at heights and in hard-to-access areas include:

  • installing steel and aluminium constructions such as working platforms, ladders, fire escapes, cable routes, antenna holders, etc.
  • installing inner and outer shafts
  • installing combustion chimney systems
  • insulating pipes
  • installing ventilation and air condition devices
  • installing sector antennas and microwave transmitters
  • shielded metal arc welding, gas and plasma cutting as well as using angle grinders for cutting construction elements at heights and in hard-to-access areas
  • installing balcony railings
  • installing all kinds of scaffoldings
  • replacing glass panes in elevation systems.

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