Electrical works at heights

We can provide rope access techniques and electrical works certification (up to 1kV). Thanks to our vast experience we are able to undertake every commission connected with electrical works, including measurements, power connection and all the necessary protocols. Another asset of our team is basic electronics knowledge as well as the ability to do installation works using electrical and electronic equipment.
We can guarantee the highest quality of services. We prepare detailed technical and photo documentation (at clients’ request).
We design warning lights in compliance with the provisions of law.

Our electrical works at heights and in hard-to-access areas include:

  • installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing:

– lighting protection systems together with measurements
– all kinds of lamps, including warning lights
– all kinds of sensors (dust concentration, smoke and dangerous gases)
– cable routes and other electrical installations at heights or in hard-to-access areas

  • designing and executing low voltage switchgear centres
  • installing and configuring time, dusk and mixed switches
  • designing and installing anti-icing systems on roofs, cornices, gutters and drainpipes
  • replacing lamps, chandeliers, floodlights and searchlights in hard-to-access areas.

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