Corrosion protection works at heights / rope access

Our works in this field include:

  • anticorrosion of steel constructions,
  • anticorrosion of concrete and reinforced concrete.


We usually provide anticorrosion of steel elements and constructions using sand blasting and polyurethane, epoxy or alkyd protections. From time to time we also use coatings made from chlorinated rubber and other systems.
At the investor’s request, we are able to cover poorly cleaned surfaces by using primers that partially dissolve old coatings.

Our skills and equipment allow us to paint with the following techniques:

  • hydrodynamic,
  • pneumatic,
  • manual (brush, roller).

We have mastered advanced anticorrosion techniques and we can offer much longer warranty periods than our competitors. We are certain of the quality of our services in this field because we never miss anything and we always follow the recommendations from material safety data sheets such as degreasing or dulling the surface.
If you are not sure of the state of the construction or anticorrosion coating feel free to contact us. Our people are trained in inspecting such coatings and they have certificates and diplomas in non-destructive testing.

Our standard anticorrosion procedure involves:

1. General evaluation of the object.
2. Potential corrosion and existing coatings assessment.
3. Selection of anticorrosion technique.
4. Preparation of the surface for painting (depending on point 3):

  • manual or mechanical cleaning (St 2)
  • shot blasting (Sa 2½ or Sa 3)
  • shot blasting with water (Sa 2½ or Sa 3)
  • cleaning/degreasing with pressure washers and special chemical products.

5. Depending on point 3, applying special anticorrosion preparation (tacking layer) Are you looking for more information? Call us or send us an e-mail!.
6. Applying primer.
7. Applying finish paint.


The requirements for preparing concrete or reinforced concrete surfaces and protecting them with proper paint layers include:

  • preparing the surface for painting (removing existing coatings)
  • shot blasting (protecting and cleaning) of concrete surfaces
  • applying protective paint and covering layers together with an optional anticorrosion coating on reinforcing bars
  • paint cover with no scratches movement
  • elastic paint cover for scratches
  • transparent waterproof impregnation.

The properties of materials that we use guarantee the following protection coating parameters (concrete, reinforced concrete):

  • reduced absorption of water
  • reduced absorption of dangerous substances
  • increased resistance to cold and salt fog
  • water vapour diffusion and CO2 blocking
  • scratches movement (elastic covers).

Similarly to anticorrosion covers for steel constructions, preparing surfaces for concrete/reinforced concrete anticorrosion is also very important. We do it by:

  • removing remaining coatings, dirt and old layers
  • removing concrete milt and loose concrete layers
  • removing dangerous substances that can influence joining new materials with the concrete and decrease the adhesion level
  • removing existing scratches, damages, climbing irons, etc.
  • removing water, dust and litter from the concrete surface
  • grinding any unevenness on the joints of formwork plates
  • cleaning the surface using hydro or regular sand blasting and high-pressure washing.

Anticorrosion services also include:

  • using all kinds of painting: manual, pneumatic, hydrodynamic
  • impregnating wooden constructions
  • fireproof protection for steel and wooden constructions
  • painting warning signs on high objects, including designs based on the provisions of law
  • protecting steel constructions against corrosion
  • protecting concrete and reinforced concrete constructions against corrosion
  • estimating the consumption of anticorrosion coatings and their thickness
  • shot blasting (sandblasting).

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