Advertisement outdoor

 We have lots of experience in cooperation with advertising agencies on various projects, often involving different locations across Poland at the same time. The number of people in our team allows us to hang large-format ads. Our people have electrical certificates, which means we can realise complete projects, including lights or time/dusk switches, from the design stage to switching everything on and providing all the necessary protocols.

Our works connected with outdoor advertising include:

  • installing, dismantling and maintaining different types of adverts: 3D displays, large-format ads, back- and front-lighted posters, light boxes, neon lights, all types of banners
  • installing, replacing and maintaining fluorescent and diode backlights
  • installing superstructures for advertisements (in the case of large formats or at client’s request we also provide engineering designs)
  • installing all kinds of constructions for large-format adverts, including frames and scaffoldings
  • making and installing lights, hoists, cable routes, distribution boards
  • installing and dismantling superstructures, freestanding pylons, billboards
  • unusual jobs.

We have many recommendation letters in this field. We can send them to you by e-mail or present in person.

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