Works at heights that we provide are undoubtedly a very specialist matter.
We perform our works on various objects with different specifics and access difficulty level. We often face other complications. Therefore, we are not able to present a fixed pricing list but only a cost estimate, which includes basic information that can give you an idea of how our services are priced. We can prepare a comprehensive offer after a site inspection.
The cost of our work increases depending on:

  • the height (climbing time or preparing working space)
  • access difficulty (standard access is cheaper than rope access)
  • limited time (intervention works where speed is most important; work at night or for more than 10 hours a day is more expensive than within standard working hours)
  • used technology and longer warranty
  • additional difficulties resulting from the specific character of a given object.

We would also like to inform you that the pricing is free of charge and apart from standard elements that our competitors provide it also includes:

  • a comprehensive estimation of material costs, together with the materials brand, type, name, discounted price and amount needed
  • used technologies, together with a detailed description of the job and its particular stages, timeline and materials needed.

We try to fit the materials and technologies we use to investors’ needs and the total amount of money they are going to spend on a given commission. Therefore, we usually prepare at least two offers: a less attractive and cheaper one with a shorter warranty period and a better, more expensive one with a much longer warranty.
Warranty periods in our contracts include smallest details of our works and are longer than the ones offered by the competition. It can be done because every member of our team focuses on our mutual goals and one of the most important of these goals is customer satisfaction. We achieve this by paying exceptional attention to smallest details, such as surface priming and cleaning. We also analyse tried and tested technologies while using new materials!