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We provide professional works at heights and in hard to access areas using rope access, ladders and scaffoldings. Our rope access technicians are able to rise to every challenge.
We hope that our comprehensive website will allow you to know us better and that it clearly demonstrates what we have to offer and what our values are.
Using the vast experience of our team members we can provide such works at heights as anticorrosion of masts, chimney repairs and painting, roof repairs and elevation cleaning. We work in such places as churches, towers, masts, chimneys, buildings, bridges, footbridges, viaducts, gantries, silos, containers, pipelines, overpasses, roof support constructions as well as light and electrical poles but we also have experience from large factories, office buildings, other public facilities and private houses.
We provide such services as anticorrosion, renovation and installation works, bird control devices, clearing snow from roofs, professional cleaning and washing. You can find more information about our services in the Offer section.
We operate across Poland but most of our works concentrate in Warsaw.

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